Special Issue Health and Medical Spray of Atomization and Sprays

“Virus-related and Medical Sprays” a special issue of Atomization and Sprays


The journal of our community Atomization and Sprays announces a special issue relating to the present COVID-19 virus pandemic.  A focus will be given on the dynamics of exhaled and inhaled droplets but other topics related to the following list will be considered as well:

  1. The spreading of spray droplets emitted from the mouth when talking, coughing and sneezing.
  2. Dynamics of inhaled droplets.
  3. Medical inhalers
  4. Sprays in hygiene and cleaning activities
  5. Sprays for disinfection
  6. Spray-related medical devices
  7. Dynamics of droplets in open spaces such as airplanes and workplaces.

Guest editor of the special issue is Prof. David Katoshevski from the Ben Gurion University,   Beer-Sheva,  Israel.

Deadline for submission of manuscripts:  August 10th, 2020.

Attached are the instructions for authors and here is the link for the submission website


We will make an effort to expedite the review process and hope you send the best of your recent studies.

We are looking forward to your submissions.Instructions

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