Annual Meeting of ILASS-Asia

Annual meeting of ILASS-Asia

Annual conference (ILASS-Asia) is providing a meeting for mutual exchange of information in the Asian community involved in both fundamental and application oriented research and development works on liquid atomization and spray systems.

No. Date Year Venue Host Country
1st Dec 24-25 1996 Keio Univ. (Yokohama) Japan
2nd Oct 11 1997 Konkuk Univ. (Seoul) Korea
3rd Dec.21-23 1998 Gunma Univ. (Kiryu) Japan
4th Sep 30-Oct 2 1999 Kyunghee Univ. (Yongin) Korea
5th Dec 13-15 2000 MEL (Tsukuba) Japan
6th Oct 11-13 2001 Marriot Hotel and BEXCO (Busan) Korea
7th Nov 14-16 2002 National Cheng Kung Univ. (Tainan) Taiwan
8th Dec 18-20 2003 Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokyo) Japan
9th Aut 22-24 2004 Shanghai Jiao Tong Univ. (Shanghai) P.R.China
10th Oct 13-14 2005 Hanyang Univ. (Seoul) Korea
ICLASS 2006 (Asia) Kyoto Citizen’s Amenity Plaza, Kyoto, Japan (Aug 27 ~ Sep 1)
11th Nov 8-9 2007 Tech. Sci. Inst. of N. Taiwan (Taipei) Taiwan
12th Dec 18-19 2008 Keio Univ. (Yokohama) Japan
13th Oct 15-17 2009 Shanghai Jiao Tong Univ. (Wuxi) P.R.China
ICLASS 2009 (America) Vail Mt. Marriott Resort and Spa, Vail, Colorado, USA (July 26 ~ 30)
14th Oct 21-22 2010 Ocean Suites Jeju Hotel (Jeju Island) Korea
15th Oct 19-21 2011 Howard Beach Hotel (Kenting, Pingtung) Taiwan
ICLASS 2012 (Europe) Heidelberg University, Heidelberg, Germany (September 2 ~ 6)
16th Dec 18-19 2013 Nagasaki Univ. (Nagasaki) Japan
17th Oct 27-28 2014 Tongli Lakeside Hotel (Shanghai) P.R.China
ICLASS 2015 (Asia) National Cheng Kung Univ., Tainan, Taiwan (August 23 ~ 27)
18th Nov. 6-9 2016 (Chennai) India
19th Oct 18-21 2017 Segwipo KAL Hotel (Jeju Island) Korea
ICLASS 2018 (America) University of Illinois, Chicago, USA (July 22~26)
20th Dec 21-23 2019 Yamaguchi Univ. in Ube Japan
21st Oct. 23-26 2020 Crown Plaza (Zhenjiang) China
ICLASS 2021(Europe) Virtual Conference, Edinburgh, Scotland UK (Aug 30~Sep 2)
22nd Oct. 28-30 2022 India Institute of Technology (Indore) India
23rd Oct. 18-21 2023 Maison Glad Hotel (Jeju Island) Korea