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ICLASS-2021 : Virtual Meeting

2020-11-10 19:07
Dear ILASS members,

The continuing pandemic renders it impossible to plan a fully international, on-site conference properly, especially given lead times to contract necessary conference services. While there is some disagreement among epidemiologists, many assert that we cannot return to normal until 2022. We have no idea who would be allowed to travel to Edinburgh in August, and it is not clear when it will be possible to know. Lock-downs come and go, and travel restrictions come and go with little forewarning. Even within ILASS-Europe alone this is true. Therefore, the board of ILASS-Europe has made the decision that ICLASS-2021 will be conducted as a virtual meeting, with no on-site meetings in Edinburgh. The boards of ILASS-Asia and ILASS-Americas have also been consulted.
More information will be forthcoming at the web page (
We have also made the decision to extend the abstract due date to November 27.

ICLASS Conference Chair
Prof. Mark Linne

ICLASS Deputy Chairs
Prof. Cyril Crua and Prof Manolis Gavaises

ICLASS Program Chair
Prof. Marco Marengo